Herbal Salt

 CSA member Kathryn suggested this method of using herbs that is especially useful for small amounts of leftover herbs. Kathryn says, “With herbs, if I can’t use them up fairly quickly, I whiz them up in the food processor with some sea salt and a bit of nori or other dried seaweed. I have a jar of herbal salt that ebbs and flows and changes flavour with new additions. Sometimes if I have lots of one herb like rosemary, I’ll do a little jar just of rosemary salt. They last forever and add a lovely dimension to just about anything savoury!”

Herbal Salt


  • 2 parts dried herbs
  • 1 part coarse sea salt
  • Nori or other seaweed to taste


  1. Combine all ingredients in food processor and blend until coarsely powdered. Store in a glass jar.