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CSA, or community-shared agriculture is a season-long commitment between you and your farmer and it's a great way to get assorted farm fresh organic vegetables weekly or every second week.

Here’s an overview of how our CSA works:

1) Sign-up for the season and make your first payment – You can choose a half, full or double share and your preferred pick-up location. You can choose to pay all at once when you sign up or use one of our payment plans.

2) Keep in touch - You’ll be automatically subscribed to our email list so you’ll get updates from the farm throughout the spring. And you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

3) Pick up your “CSA share” at one of our convenient locations from June to November - We’ll send you a notification one or two weeks before the first harvest. And before each pick up you’ll get a reminder email containing the “share forecast” for that pick up.

4) Properly store your veggies - We’ll provide you with our handy storage guide for all the vegetables we grow.

5) Cook great meals - You’ll get access to our recipe archive, PDF guides and our online community. You’ll get lots of relevant recipes and tips in the reminder emails.

6) Eat - Enjoy how good it tastes and feels to eat farm-fresh organic vegetables.

7) Connect –We host several special events on the farm each season. You are welcome to come out to the events and see where and how your food is grown.

There are a lot of problems with the mainstream food system:

Produce from the grocery store can be low-quality, boring and tasteless or it spoils easily. That's not very enticing and can leave us feeling ripped off.

We know about the threat of climate change and we are aware of the greenhouse gas emissions that come with shipping produce from all over the continent and the world.

We know that synthetic fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides are not good for wildlife, farmers, or eaters.

We’ve seen plenty of small businesses close because they can’t compete with the big corporations and we know that’s not good for our community.

CSA might be a good fit for you if you are looking for an alternative.

One of the great things about being CSA member is that it provides structure for you to live your values everyday.

If any of the following values appeal to you, you should give CSA a try!

1) Vegetables should taste good - The food tastes better because it’s fresh and it’s grown in healthy, living soil on our organic farm.

2) Healthy eating - Eating more quantity and diversity of vegetables feels great and is good for your health. Joining the CSA means your fridge will be stocked with delicious vegetables that are freshly harvested, usually the same day you pick-up. Tastier vegetables are more likely to get eaten and enjoyed, and less likely to perish in your crisper.

3) Home cooked meals - Most people find that having a mix of fresh vegetables in the fridge is perfect for making interesting meals that are often better tasting than what you can get at restaurants. And CSA members usually find that having a CSA share expands their vegetable horizons and helps them develop their cooking skills.

4) Supporting the local economy - Buying locally means that your dollars get re-circulated in our community 4 to 10 times more than if you buy from a large corporation.

5) Supporting organic farming - Healthy eating is about more than what we put into our bodies. It should include the health of farmers and farm workers, farms, lakes and rivers and the countless living creatures who share the Earth with us. Organic farming shows that you can have delicious food and act with care and respect for the soil, water, air, and living communities.

6) Good value for your money - Because you pay in advance and you are supporting the farmer directly, the return on investment and efficiency of a CSA share can’t be beat. Plus, don't let the basic share price prohibit you from participating, we have a sliding scale option and a monthly payment plan to spread the cost out over the season.

When committing to our farm, our CSA members acknowledge that due to weather conditions and other factors beyond the control of the farm crew, there is a degree of risk involved in the CSA model.

They agree to share in both the season’s abundance and its risk.

This means that depending on the weather you’ll get more of some vegetables and less of others. However, with conscientious management we have been able to deliver good value and excellent quality and taste in local organic vegetables since our founding in 2007.

We pre-pack the CSA share into boxes so it’s easy and fast for you at the pick-up. Plus, pre-packed boxes keep the produce super-fresh for you.

We offer a swap bin at our two main pick-up sites downtown, so you can trade vegetables that you know you can’t use. If that is important to you, please be sure to sign up for one of the downtown pick-ups.

Follow the link below to view the CSA Share Gallery and see what our CSA shares look like through the 24 week harvest season (early June to mid-November).

The cost of the CSA share represents the cost of growing the vegetables organically and includes a sustainable income for the farmer.

2024 Pricing -

Full Share - $996 for 24 weekly pick-ups.

Half Share - $498 for 12 pick-ups, one every second week over 24 weeks.

Double Share - $1992 for 24 weekly pick-ups.

Sliding Scale and Payment Plans -

We offer an sliding scale to allow greater participation from people with lower incomes. Participation in the sliding scale is optional.

When registering you will have access to our “Sliding Scale Guidelines” to help you with your decision of how much to pay for your share.

If the share price is unaffordable to your household, you can choose to reduce your share price by up to 25%. And/or you can select one of the monthly payment plans which allows you to pay a deposit when registering. Then you make additional monthly payments over the course of 6 or 9 months. Or if you prefer, you can design another payment plan that suits your household.

Alternatively, if you can afford it and would like to help make local organic food more accessible to people with lower incomes and/or contribute to a better income for the people who grow your food, you can add any amount to your share price.

As a member of the CSA, you will receive a financial report at the end of the year.

We offer several convenient pick-up locations in the Kingston area on Tuesday evenings. Most of our pick-ups run from 4:30 to 6:30 PM.


Downtown - Markland St. near Montreal St.

West end - Arbour Cres off Bath Rd.

East end - Maureen St. near Rose Abbey Dr.

Howe Island – North Shore Rd. near Lower Side Rd.

We work hard to satisfy our CSA members and our annual CSA member retention rate is about 80%.

Here's what our members are saying:

“I cannot say enough about how your vegetables have CHANGED MY LIFE. I feel healthier than ever before, love my food more than ever before, am excited by all the new FLAVOURS to SAVOUR. I'm an absolute convert and can't wait to start again next season.”

“I keep meaning to write you to let you know how much we are enjoying all the veggies!! I have never seen my kids enjoying their greens this much! It's been such a treat and we are excited every week to pick up our share and see what there is. So wonderful, thank you so much - it's all been a huge hit around here.”

“Our kids were very open to trying some new things, and were usually excited each week to see what I had brought home. We usually ate everything in our share, finding it to be the right amount for a family of 4. And good value for our money.”

“It really is something we look forward to every week... I consider it such a treat. We are all so much healthier and happier knowing about our food and eating well. And as far as cooking goes, it provides me with much-needed inspiration and creativity to cook new things, focus on the veggies, and generally eat more green stuff!”

“So fresh, can't be beat! Amazingly clean, requiring only a quick rinse... which is a huge, practical time saver. My kids now prefer vegetables to meat, hands down.”

“We're eating so much better, ensuring all the veggies get used up every week. Everything has been so tasty, so fresh, and so much better than from the supermarket. We've also discovered some new things we hadn't eaten before (who knew kohlrabi was so yummy ... even my almost 3 year old loves it raw!).”

“At least for the first year, it's like Christmas every Tuesday. I love the fact the veggies are local and organic. I eat so many more vegetables. I also loved finding new vegetables I'd never had - left to my own shopping, I'd never pick up fennel or kohlrabi. They were new and tasty experiences.”

“It feels like the right way to enjoy really good vegetables. I like being surprised by what's in a given weekly share and planning my meals around what's available that week.”

“This is the best thing we've ever discovered-- we are eating better and love supporting our local farm. The supermarket lettuce is almost inedible compared to what we've been enjoying the last 6 mos.”

“We have loved being a part of Root Radical CSA and always look forward to getting beautiful vegetables throughout the summer. Because we don't necessarily know what we will be getting week to week, we have been forced to experiment with different recipes and eat different vegetables, which has expanded our horizons in terms of cooking. Can't wait until next year!”

“Amazing locally grown produce!! What could be better?! So wonderful to try out new recipes and eat food when it is in season. Fun for the kids too - they love picking up the share and helping to plan meal ideas around what we receive.”

“I feel healthier and more resistant to illness. I love eating things that reflect the time of year.”

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