Veg Explained: Mountain Magic Tomatoes

Root Radical grows many different varieties of tomatoes, and one of them is Mountain Magic! These tomatoes can sometimes be a bit of a stumper for people – they’re not a cherry or grape, and not a big slicer, so sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with them! The good news is they’re that perfect middle ground, and I use them in all sorts of ways, cooked and fresh – salsa, salads, and sauces. Farmer Emily shared some helpful information about Mountain Magics:

“Mountain Magic tomatoes are the ones that are a bit bigger than a cherry tomato but are also not quite a slicer tomato. They are red when fully ripe, semi-firm, round shaped and a good size to quarter for salads. We grow a lot of them because they have good disease resistance for wet climates like ours and also have good flavour and mouthfeel. We are still looking for a larger slicing variety that rivals these ones for yields, flavour, and disease resistance.”

Here are some recipes that would work really well with MMs! When the recipe uses cherry tomatoes, simple replace with quartered MMs.