a closeup on green ice cubes in a bag

Week 5: Flavour Bombs

Along with ongoing meal prep, it’s always good to consider food storage methods that make it possible to stretch ingredients well into the future. Our freezer is our best bud in this effort, and this week’s recipe, inspired by this idea, is a really flexible concept you can apply to almost any share’s offerings!

These little pucks can be stored in the freezer for months, and you can take out one or two at a time to throw into spaghetti or pizza sauce, stir fries or risottos, pestos and soups. The blanching preserves the brightness of the herbs and the blending means the flavours will sneak right into whatever you add them to with ease.

While admittedly hard to photograph, we mostly wanted to convey the deep, satisfying green they kept throughout the process. And even frozen, they smell amazing!

Flavour Bombs


  • 2 large green onions, white and green or 4-5 small green onions
  • 1 handful fresh basil leaves, destemmed
  • 1 share bag kale or spinach, destemmed
  • 1-2 garlic scapes, chopped loosely
  • any other fresh herbs you'd like to add, depending on flavour profile flexibility you may require later


in a microwave

  1. put all the ingredients in a bowl big enough to just submerge everything in water

  2. microwave for a few minutes, until everything is bright green

  3. strain everything and toss in food processor or blender

or on a stove top

  1. bring water to boil and set a bowl of cold water to the side

  2. toss greens into boiling water until they brighten and the kale seems a bit softer

  3. use tongs to transfer greens to cold water, then strain and toss in food processor or blender


  1. use food processor or blender to blend until smooth, adding water if required to get everything loose enough


  1. use a spatula to scoop out contents into an ice cube tray or silicone muffin tray, or even just into approximately 2 tbsp servings on parchment paper

  2. freeze for at least 8 hours, then you can pop them into a bag or tub for easier storage in the freezer